Saturday, October 25, 2008

New pics

Here are some new pictures of me.
mmm yummy baby mush

I love babci

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Three months old

Saturday we went to the zoo. I kicked a cow on its head. It was my first time seeing a lot of things.
  • monkeys
  • tigers
  • lions
  • bears
  • gorillas
  • pandas
  • elephants
  • alpacas
  • peccaries
The peccaries, also called javelinas, were a lot like Burger. I am told they hunt in packs, and so are considerably more dangerous than pigs. They have been known to attack and take down humans. In the American Southwest, peccaries are becoming a common yard nuisance. They root up the lawn and flowerbeds like pigs, and then will mess you up bad chicken if you go out to shoo them away. I thought maybe it would be fun to ride one anyway.

Here is a picture of me at two months old. I was so cute then!

Here's a newer one of what I look like now.
Three months and so strong

I am good at rolling over but there are no videos of it yet. I met a four month old named Sims over the weekend and he couldn't roll over at all. I rolled right over onto his head. His mom said, "She can roll over. She can roll over," and you could all but hear the implied So why can't you?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day Shenanigans

It was a full day. I had breakfast with Uncle Jason and said bon voyage. I went to church, which I enjoyed vastly because there was singing and moving and everyone held me the whole time. I ate with loud slurpy gusto all through the Liturgy of the Word. A nice lady, Marie, came up after Mass and invited me & Mom to join the mom group. Dad was showered with happy fathers day wishes. I was big time.

Also we had a picnic in the park. Also also we went to the PetSmart and I got a little bit of a break from being Center of Attention while people oohed and aahed my piggy, Burger. I gave Dad a card I wrote for him and also gave him Lego Indiana Jones, which looks fun. I have to really work on getting some motors skills and manual dexterity so I can join him in co-op play. I am already pretty advanced; here's a video of me sitting up in bed after a bath. Mind you, I am five weeks old today!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I am thinking maybe this should be my bed and they can make due in the bassinet. I am, after all, growing, whereas they need some motivation to do their WiiFit every day.

Seriously, I need to get some video of them using me as the Power Ball while they yoga. A little 9 pound dumbbell is what I am to these people sometimes!

Some graphic stuff

Every time Kristin holds me, I puke on her. It's the way the world works, okay?

Kristin likes to be called Aunt Kristin. Dad says he had to call his parents' friends Mr Miller and Mrs Plasnauk. Mom's friend Shen says she was instructed to call grown ups by their first names. Djiadek's neighbor kids call him Mr John, and they call Grandma Miss Lauri. I am told these are regional customs.

Personally I am glad I can defer for a while on this, as I have yet to display any ability for verbal communication beyond basic grunts, cries, and cooing. I need some time to consider the options.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pig Ride

Just the usual day in the neighborhood, riding my pet piggy, Burger. I actually thought this was awesome. I want to try it out of doors.

Milk milk everywhere

Now that they are feeding me from a bottle sometimes, I am noticing some confusion in the discussion of milk. "Milk" as a term refers to so much more now. There's milk in the breast, milk in the freezer, milk in the pump containers, milk in the bottle, and milk in bags in fridge. There's also milk for cereal, which has nothing to do with me. Thank heaven they are using half & half in the coffee; one less milk thing.

So you get these faux Laurel & Hardy routines in place of viable communication. To wit:

"I put the milk back in the fridge. Did she not take much?"

"No, she wasn't acting that hungry, I tried giving it to her cold."

"Well next time I'll just leave it in the bag."

"The leftover milk in the bottle?"


"Oh, the milk from the pump?"

"No, the milk I get out of the freezer."

"Oh, you'll just leave it on the counter."


"In the bag?"

"No, in the fridge."

"In the bottle?"

"No, in the bag, so you can warm it easier."

And so on. Mind you, this whole pumping bagging freezing thawing warming bottling process was initiated for added convenience.